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Filter Industry Applications

 1. Cement Industry

Cement industry.pngThe process of the Cement production is not simple, is a composition of multi-channel processes, which includes various forms of dust drying processes . Raw meal mills, coal mills, kilns, kiln-head grate coolers, finish blending / milling processes, packaging and transportation, these process links require some form of exhaust ventilation to purify dusty gases, and according to the flue gas, the characteristics are different, and the processing methods are also different.

Although the use of bag dust removal technology has a long history in this industry , it has not been until recent years that people have become more and more inclined to choose bag dust collectors for dust removal in rotary kilns and kiln head grate coolers. And high temperature flue gas generated grate cooler , mostly through the electrostatic precipitator dust.

Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the development of advanced filter technology. We use these technologies to help cement plants reduce dust emissions and improve cement / clinker production efficiency. In addition, the Division for the cement industry a series of products, whether it is design , or production is by working with customers to complete the cement industry, the purpose is to meet the application requirements for this market.

2. Iron and Steel Industry

Iron and Steel Industry.png The manufacture and processing of metals often causes a great deal of air pollution, therefore , the industry has long been an active participant in technological improvements , trying to reduce the impact of business operations on the environment.

Steel mills have been working to limit plant dust emissions, both ground emissions and air emissions , has always been the focus of attention. The process flow in the metallurgical industry is varied and requires various measures to control dust in emissions. Coke oven groups, sintering furnace groups, converters, electric arc furnaces, casting and casting cleaning operations all generate 

3. Power Industry

Power Generation.jpgAs global energy demand continues to rise and there is no sign of a slowdown, cleaner power production has become the goal of many major economic powers. Although the public power supply in the power plant continues to mainly coal-fired generation, but the use of biomass power generation on the rise.

Similarly, a large number of turn waste into energy ( EfW ) company arise, in order to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, and energy from the material can not be recycled in the energy recovery . These companies , they use a combustion kinds of garbage generated heat to produce steam to drive turbines, power generation is achieved. And now many independent of the factory can handle all the type of waste , such as : municipal waste, medical waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge, paper pulp, and the type of treatment and can also continue to increase.

The exhaust gas produced during combustion to be purified, to remove a large amount of gas and solid contaminants, and therefore the discharge by the strict the control and close the monitor. Moreover , the characteristics of the flue gas generated during the combustion process are high temperature , chemically corrosive, and the system needs to maintain a good air flow rate, so the requirements for dust emissions are also very high, which put forward very high requirements for the quality of the filter material used in the bag filter.

Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd. has been actively participating in the development and supply of filter materials for the power generation industry for many years, aiming to meet or exceed the requirements of the growing energy market.

4. Waste incineration industry

Waste incineration industry.jpgIn the high temperature filter material technology industry, PTFE filter material is the most suitable . Because it is the fiber with the best comprehensive performance of chemical resistance and heat resistance among all filter materials used in the fiber filtration industry, the maximum continuous working temperature of  PTFE is as high as 250 ° C .

The PTFE filter material produced by Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd. uses the PTFE filter material manufacturing process in the development of the latest results, using the world's best quality PTFE fiber. Our company has a number of advanced professional PTFE filter production equipments, and we have invested a lot of funds, because the production of  PTFE filter material , whether the fiber  distribution uniformity, microporous structure or filter strength , have reached the optimum level. All media will be processed through the heat setting process , our heat setting equipment can reach the high-temperature required for PTFE filter material setting . For the waste incineration industry , we launched the product is the current first-class PTFE filter material production technology.

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