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Precautions for installing PTFE Filter bag - Changzhou Wayon

Views: 89412/31/2020  

(1) The dust filter bag packing box shall be transported to the installation location, and one shall be installed and one removed;

(2) The dust filter bag shall be taken out of the packing box until it is installed on the hole of the flower plate, and shall not touch any metal objects or objects with rough surface;

(3) The protective cover provided by the supplier shall be used when the dust filter bag passes through the hole of the flower plate to prevent the bag from touching the hole of the flower plate;

(4) Dust filter bag should be firmly fixed on the flower plate hole, neither too tight nor too loose;

(5) Do not step on the filter bag mouth after installation, install the corresponding bag cage after installing a filter bag;

(6) Before the installation of the bag cage to check the bag cage, not to have any burr, welding tumor, dewelding and deformation and other defects.If such a situation is found, it must be discarded;

(7) After the bag cage is inserted into the filter bag, it should be lowered slowly, lowering too fast will scratch the filter bag, not to make free fall movement.

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